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The fundamental purpose of Twende Pamoja is to develop a global vision through forming relationships between communities and young people of different ages. Makutano is Swahili for the place where we meet. It is a growing network of relationships bringing together people in the student to late twenties age group, who seek to develop and bring about a vision of life as it could be.

There are over 100 Scottish and Tanzanian young adults presently involved. They include school, college and university students, teachers, and others with different occupations and some who are seeking employment. The group includes young Catholics, people of different Christian denominations, other religious traditions and people with no faith connection. Everyone is committed to being an effective member of their own family and community and to be respectful and understanding of others and their differences.

Makutano provides a place for people of different backgrounds, lifestyles, faiths and cultures to meet as global citizens and to reflect together on our own society and the world we live in.